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Welcome to Starbase Consulting, which is located in Espoo, the neighbouring city of the capital Helsinki. Espoo is a vibrant city on the Baltic Sea renowned for its technology, for Aalto University and for its friendly atmosphere.

Visual Query Tool

Starbase offers a user-friendly query tool to help monitor students' progress regarding university modules or course units. This tool, known as VI-Query (Visual Incremental) has been designed with particularly the user in mind.

  1. Incremental step-by-step querying. Just change one of your query requirements,
    and VI-Query responds to the changes almost instantly.
  2. Versatile querying with high-quality student transcript. Browse the student records
    according to your chosen criteria,
    select a student to obtain a clear, print-quality level PDF-transcript listing all courses
    taken by the student in chronological order.
  3. Simple to use. Forget about the need to build complex queries! With VI Query, you just
    specify the query criteria, and let its specially tailored database engine
    take care of the rest.
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